• Tips to Running a Successful Bar

    For one to have a successful bar running, they need to keep their bar always fully stocked. It is very important to keep your bar always stocked for you to have more customers and raise your sales. If your bar is always stocked, you will never lack customers flowing in your bar. This only means one thing, that you have more sales and more sales means good profit. You will need to only have a track record of what your customers want. Know what each and every customer is drinking and what they always order. You also need to know what type of alcohol they love drinking from wines, cocktails, beer and other liquor.


    By doing this, it means that you will always have them always and this will attract the customers to regularly visit your bar. The good thing about your loyal customers, they will always come with friends and they will be a form of advertisement because they will be saying how your bar never lacks any kind of drink at any time. Once you know the type of alcohol your customers like, it will enable you to adjust your orders, this will make you not spend too much money on alcohol that the customers are not

    buying. Having alcohol that is popular with your customers and always having your bar stocked with them will boost your sales.


    Another thing that is going to help you run a successful bar is if you measure you liquor to avoid overpouring. When you are offering drinks in your bar, you will always be pouring drinks on the glasses to serve your customers. You will need to be careful to avoid them from overpouring and spilling them on the tables. This will save your bar from much liquor loss. If there is overpouring, this only means that liquor is lost and that is wastage of alcohol. If you are wasting too much alcohol, you will need to order some more alcohol and you will not make your estimated profit. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent alcohol from overpouring and wastage of alcohol. You can get the best bar equipment sales and service chicago.


    One of the things you can use when pouring alcohol in the glasses is by using measured pourers, these measured liquor pourers allows you to pour the approximate portion and prevent overpouring and spilling of liquor. Another thing that will help in preventing wasting liquor is by teaching the bartenders use jiggers when crafting cocktails. Lastly, using the right glassware will help prevent wastage of alcohol because heavy base glasses have a thicker base and you don’t have to use too much alcohol to fill them.


    Creating a signature cocktail with the best bar equipment sales and service chicago will as well help in boosting your sales and getting as many customers as possible. Apart from selling other kinds of liquor and having them available at all times, it is good that you create a unique drink that your customers are going to love. They will know your bar for having that unique cocktail and they will make a point of buying it all time they come to your bar. It will also give you a competitive advantage over other bars. Your unique cocktail will be unique and you can price them at a higher price helping you to boost your

    profit margin. When you know your customers, it will help you know the type you will make

    depending on what they usually order.